Invoicing details

We are using a new electronic processing system for purchase invoices. Therefore, we would like to have e-invoices.

Address for e-invoices:

EDI identifier 003701665610

Operator CGI Finland Ltd

Operator code 003703575029

Business ID: 0166561-0

Email address for PDF invoices:

One invoice or one compensation per PDF file.

Add any appendices to the same PDF file with the invoice.

Address for purchase invoices PO BOX 574, 00074 CGI, Finland for invoice allocation

If it is not possible to send electronic or PDF invoices, you can send paper invoices to the following address:

Kuomiokoski Oy

PO BOX 574

00074 CGI


In order for the scanning service to allocate your invoice, print this invoicing address on both the envelope and the invoice itself.