We want to help you to communicate about us in our style, to introduce you to our product selection and to show you what we have communicated on before. That is why we have collected all our press releases, logos, our best photographs and brochures onto this page for your use.

The content on this page (logos, images, brochures) is aimed at Kuoma retailers, members of the media and our partners. You can request access to these pages by emailing us at:


In addition to our social media channels and webpages, we use press releases to communicate on our brand, products and events. Here you will find all our press releases that will provide you with information on what we have been up to.



Brands are known by their logos, which is why we want to give you the opportunity to use our logo in your materials related to us and our brand. Here you will find our logos and instructions on their use. Please use our logos with respect and follow the instructions that we have provided. Thank you for increasing our visibility!

Kuoma logo punainen
Kuoma logo Finnish Design Since 1928


Here we have collected our best photographs for you to use. The photos include clean and crisp product images taken in a studio, as well as atmospheric, beautiful and action-filled brand images taken at different locations around Finland. We go through a lot of trouble to ensure our photos are spectacular and we hope that they also serve your purposes well.



Are you inspired by our beautiful brochures? Do you want to introduce our products to someone? Have you always been curious about just how extensive our selection actually is? Then, this is the section for you! Here you will find our impressive and informative brochures that we publish each year, both for the winter season and the summer season.



What does Kuoma look like?
Let us tell you with our practical advertisements and posters.
The examples that you find here demonstrate the locations for our logos and sizes for sales copies, so we can, together, make our brand even more known!



See some true Kuoma spirit on our videos! Kuoma was created for the Northern climate – and for cities and forests alike.
Watch our videos and take a trip with Kuoma! You can use our videos as an opening to your event or embed them on your website, for example.