Our privacy policy

Who are we?

Kuomiokoski Oy
Pohjallistie 1
52780 Kuomiokoski Finland

Puh +358 15 415 1100

What data are we collecting, and why?

When you visit our website, we automatically collect some data about you during your visit. By this data we mean information, such as your IP address, the time of your visit, the device you’re using, and some details about the system it functions on. We also might collect information about the products you click, and the products you add on your shopping basket.

The use of data

We collect data about our customers so that we could provide safe and easy purchasing process. With the help of collected information, we are able to contact our customers and give them more information about out current products and offers.

Are we giving anyone the access to your personal data?

We do not distribute your personal information to third parties, unless you yourself agree to do so. The only people we give your information to, are the parties who make the transactions and delivery of your purchase possible (such as delivery companies and transaction companies)

How long will you store the data?

We will handle and store your data only as long as it’s necessary in order to offer our selections for you, and to help you if problems regarding purchases require. If the law requires so, we might store your information longer periods in order to avoid possible frauds and controversies.

What are my rights?

According to EU’s GDPR laws, you have the rights to

  • get information about the handling of my data
  • get the access to my data
  • correct my data
  • ask us to remove the data from our system
  • limit the use of your data
  • say no for storing your data

Please note that it’s not possible to require all of these actions to happen in all the situations. This depends on the basis that the data is collected and the purposes it is needed for. If you have more questions about this topic, please get in touch with our customer service.