Kuoma Size chart

Good shoe size

Having at least 1 cm of extra space lengthwise between the end of your longest toe and the front of the shoe will ensure that your shoes are comfortable to wear. For children, we recommend leaving approximately 1.5 cm of extra space in front of the longest toe, so shoes will not be too small too soon as children grow. The insoles of Kuoma shoes are removable, so you can easily check which size fits your child. Please note that the width and length of Kuoma shoes varies by model depending on the used fit. For example, Putkivarsi by Kuoma has a large fit, so usually, it is enough to take a size smaller shoe than normally. Kuoma’s Lumi model is approximately two sizes longer than average shoe sizes.

Children’s feet grow 2–3 sizes a year on average. The feet of 1–3-year-old children grow approximately 1.5–2 mm per month, the growth rate for 3–6-year-olds is approximately 1 mm per month and for 6–10-year-old children less than 1 mm per month. Children’s shoe sizes have to be checked several times per year and always before putting on old shoes if they haven’t been used over the summer or winter months, for example.

The sizes of Kuoma Putkivarsi and children’s ages (approximate sizes):
Size 20–21 for approximately 1–1.5-year-olds
Size 22–23 for approximately 1.5–2-year-olds
Size 24–25 for approximately 2–3-year-olds
Size 26–28 for approximately 3–5-year-olds
Size 29–30 for approximately 5–6-year-olds
Size 31–32 for approximately 6–7-year-olds
Size 33–34 for approximately 7–8-year-olds
Size 35–36 for approximately 9–10-year-olds
Size 37–39 for older than 10-year-old children

The sizes of Kuoma Lumi and children’s ages (approximate sizes):
Size 23–24 for approximately 2–3-year-olds
Size 25–27 for approximately 3–5-year-olds
Size 28–29 for approximately 5–6-year-olds
Size 30–31 for approximately 6–7-year-olds
Size 32–33 for approximately 7–8-year-olds
Size 34–35 for approximately 9–10-year-olds
Size 36–38 for older than 10-year-old children

More accurate measurements are listed in the Kids’ sizes table (link below). You can find also Adults shoe sizes table link below.

Suitable size of clothes

The sizes given based on the age of the child are indicative, as the children are different in size. It is therefore a good idea to use a measuring tape measure to help you choose the right size. A suitable children’s clothing size is best found when measuring a child’s height and chest, waist and hip circumference. By comparing the obtained measurements with the size numbers given in the clothing size chart, the clothes are quite sure to fit and be comfortable over the child!

You can find more detailed dimensions in the Clothing Sizes table below (link below).